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Cold as the Deepest Moonlight - Cynthia Horvath

The house changes to winter And the stillness is terrifying. Numbing, perpetual frostbite on a sunlit day.

How is it the ache of loneliness strikes me in odd places? Fingertips hurt, Fourth toe from the left throbs.

There is no drug to ease this pain. There is no cure for the infection as it spreads. Cold as the deepest moonlight, it penetrates beyond milky bones.

There comes a day when exhausted honesty with tired virtue in a time of change has no place to heal the mortal soul.

I must dutifully wonder: is being lonely a welfare state?

Cynthia Horvath is an attorney, wife, mother, global health advocate, published author, encaustic artist, and poet. In August of 2018 she was one of nine poets selected for the 30/30 Project by Tupelo Press. She is currently working on a poetry manuscript that expands upon these poems entitled "Walk, A Ghost ".

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