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Darcey Gets Vulnerable| Brain Break

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

By Sarah J. Kings

Darcey always wears her heart on her sleeve– along with red bottoms on her feet– and twin sister Stacey always has her back— sort of. In the premiere episode, Stacey secretly meets up with Darcey's ex-lover Tom Brooks. Although Stacey claims her intentions are only to get Tom to stop contacting her sister, the waters of truth seem a bit murky.

Tom tries to seem sensible

Tom brings flowers and asks that Stacey relay an apology to her sister. He says, "I want to apologize to Darcey... that was it." It doesn't seem so bad until you remember that Darcey previously blocked Tom and told him that she didn't want his apology letter. Tom even admits on camera that he has continually ignored her request to be left alone, saying, "I tried on numerous occasions to kind of put it right with Darcey, and she's blocked me." Hearing these words, it's hard not to view his contact with Darcey's family members as a bit immature and stalker-ish.

Angry that he cannot get the last word with Darcey, Tom tries to get in a final jab. He insinuates that she will continue to find herself in situations of heartbreak if she doesn't change. He tells Stacey that Darcey is doomed if she doesn't go to therapy.

Darcey is no 'hysterical woman'

For countless years, we have seen men dismiss and dismantle women by calling them crazy or hysterical. Tom's whole bit about Darcey needing therapy is no different. When Darcey finds out what Tom said, she tells producers how she feels. Of Tom's intentions and his' advice,' she says, "he feels guilty for what he did and how he treated me." On the subject of seeking help, she says, "how dare anybody say I need to work through problems. If I choose to go to a therapist it's because I choose to."

In episode three, away from other cast members, Darcey gets real with the crew. Honest tears roll down her face as she removes her gorgeous hoop earrings and explains why Tom's words behind her back hurt her so much. "Last night was a trigger. I tried to close that chapter." She shows the audience her ultimate vulnerability and says, "I've been to therapy before. My Dad suggested therapy at one point when I was dating Jessie. My Dad noticed that my demeanor was a little bit low, and it wasn't my character." When the cameraman gently asks her if she is where she wants to be in life, the mom of two chokes back more tears. "I want my daughters to be in amazing schools and in the right relationships when they get older. I don't want to set a bad example. And I don't think I've shown them that yet, and it's scary." Any mother, especially a single mother of girls, can relate to this heartbreaking honesty.

Darcey, who usually presents herself as bubbly, caring, and full of love, actually has a camera session. She tells Monica, her therapist, "I want to be open to love in the right way. I want to release past baggage and not bring that into something new." Monica tells Darcey that she should work on "having her voice heard, and loving herself" in starting her next relationship.

Darcey is well on her way to putting that advice into practice, and scenes from episode four tease a visit from her newest beau, Georgi. This Bulgarian hunk is tall, tan, and handsome. The show's fans have already seen things get steamy when Darcey and Georgi share a Facetime call with a rose petal bubble bath as the backdrop. In episode four, viewers will finally see the real deal, as the two plan to meet up for a romantic outing in New York City. Tune in to TLC Sunday, September 6th, for a taste of this sexy scene.

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