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Fractions - Laura Lucas

i was lost / looking for the chelsea hotel / when i found you instead / clinging to warm skin / in a cold basement you say / you may as well kiss me / while you have me here / and i am reminded of smallness / more precisely / the randomness of it all / life is a catalogue / of fractions / tiny moments that slip / too easily from the fingertips / or are sketched / on the insides of skulls / these moments you collect / head filled with words of strangers / of teachers / of lovers / of the cashier at walmart / these moments cannot be / commodified / people come and they leave / something behind / just enough to change you / by a fraction / and then they are gone / in the night / oh how / the stars dance

Laura Lucas is a Canadian poet and singer-songwriter. Laura is passionate about music, yoga, and traveling with a purpose. Her work has appeared in Burnt Pine Magazine, Snapdragon: A Journal of Art and Healing, and For Women Who Roar.

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