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Gemini - RC deWinter

shaken by the rough friction of an impatient world from the cottony shadow of sleep into the rugged act of living i reassemble countless molecules cohering into the reality of me i wonder who will emerge the confident woman or the timid five year old always lurking in another shadow stumbling into the day a sleepwalker searching for a script i wait for coffee to bind me together into a semblance of myself fumbling for the cigarettes that with the coffee will shape me into final form for the next twenty-four hours any psychologist would call this madness prescribe pills and a long course of therapy which is why i avoid them this duality slipping skins as naturally as breathing is the sanity i've juggled all my life the child and the woman are inseparable siamese twins sharing that most vital element the soul for survival now nicotine smoked coffee drunk eyes open to the sun i leave it to you to guess who i am today

RC deWinter writes in several genres with a focus on poetry. Her claim to fame is her Twitter following, and her widely anthologized poetry. Most notably in Uno: A Poetry Anthology, New York Times, Brick Street Poetry, Tiny Seed Press, 2River, Adelaide Magazine, Pink Panther Magazine, among many others literary journals.

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