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POETRY - Gemini Issue

Updated: May 19, 2020

We received entries from so many talented and dedicated poets; our only regret is that we couldn’t publish more pieces. We are so proud of the poetry we have selected for publication! Among the eleven featured poets, there are award-winning performance poets, spoken word artists, singers, and songwriters. Our poets have appeared in The New York Times, Sakura Review, College Underground Radio, Uno, MuslinGirl, and many more. Additionally, we have featured the founder and director of Manifest Creativity, a Pittsburgh-based initiative centering on Muslim artists.

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Almost You - Shooooz

Reflection - Nathaniel Terrell

Fractions - Laura Lucas

Gemini - RC deWinter

If Only - Donna Harlan

Escape- Karla Van Vliet

Cold as the Deepest Moonlight - C. Horvath

Floating Ice - Eleanor Belvin

Esse (To Be) - Fay L. Loomis

Automata - RC deWinter

E Equals MC Squared - Catherine A. Coundjeris

Gemini Issue-

Theme: Two-sidedness, opposing or contrasting forces, mercuriality, or duality

Issue: Vox Tacet - Voices for the Voiceless

Reading Window 2: May 10th - June 15th

Theme: Marginalized voices or groups, human rights, animal rights, poverty, mental illness, alienation, oppression, or discrimination

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